Monday, September 27, 2010

Blake is in Kindergarten!

Blake started Kindergarten after many sleepless nights on Scott and my part.  As many of you know, we have debated for over a year on whether or not we should send him to kinder.  He is so young and he can be immature at times.  We slept on it and we decided to send him.  We are so glad we did!  He is thriving in the environment.  He is learning so much and he LOVES school!  He wakes up everyday ready to go to school and I love having him at my school.  It has been such a blessing.  He loves his teacher and I am very pleased with his progress.  I think we did the right thing so far.  I am looking forward to a very successful year with him.  He is so eager to learn and looks for answers to his questions and he has started reading even more than he already did before.  He even likes art which he HATED before.  I love hearing all the funny stories from other teachers at my school.  They make me giggle most of the time like the one on the second day of school.  He said to a teacher he didn't know while standing in line for the bathroom, "Excuse me.  Can you tell me when graduation is?"  Then there is another story of lunch.  I packed his lunch because I wasn't sure how he felt about the lunchroom and all.  I saw him walking down the hall to lunch.  It took me a minute to remember he was going to lunch and he had no lunchbox.  I found someone to cover my class and went down there in time to see him eating pizza!  They were having pizza in the lunchroom so he decided that is what he wanted.  I asked him how he got the money and he said they let him charge because I am in the building!  The little stinker!  I was so worried that he didn't know he had a lunch but he played me.  His teacher has been great with him and she called him on it.  I needed to see that too because my mommy genes were worried that my baby didn't know he had a lunch.  Well I was wrong and I am glad his teacher got that out of him.  Another funny story is how he tried to play a little girl in his class.  He gave her a big smile and asked her nicely to color his dinosaur for him.  She did it!  His teacher told me this story laughing.  What a stinker!  There are so many more stories after that.  I need to write them down.  He cracks me up on a daily basis.  I knew he was a handful because he always looks for the gray when there is only black and white.  His teacher says he keeps her on her toes.  I am glad he likes her so much and I am glad she isn't letting him get away with anything.  My kid is the kind that will take a mile after and inch.  He needed the structure and consequences that kinder is giving him.  His teacher told me that the first week she had to tell him the consequences for not doing his best and such and now he does it without any second thoughts.  He strives to do a good job.  My mommy heart is so happy. I am so glad we sent him.  :-)  Here are some pics from his first day.
Daddy took him on his first day.  One drawback to being a teacher is I had to be in my own classroom so I couldn't take him to his. :-(  But I get to see him everyday so it is ok.

Blake sitting at his table the first day of school.

He walked past my room and I got a picture of him.  He looks terrified.  Too funny!

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